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Moto360 review

I bought the Moto360 after reviewing a few smart watches, including the Apple watch. The Google store had it on sale for $150 and they said it worked with iPhone 6 plus. So I got it and tried to pair it with my iPhone but would not, the watch had an earlier firmware. I also have a Samsung S3 (wifi only) so I paired it with that, charged it fully overnight and it also updated to the latest firmware automatically. I then did a factory reset and was now able to pair it to the iPhone 6 plus via the Android Wear app from Google. I could get notifications, texts, fb messages, and call notifications. However, I could not install third party apps via the Android wear app, just change the faces on it. I'm seeing some interesting apps in the google playstore and started playing around to see if I can install them. I ran across an app called Aerlink I installed it on the S3. Then did a factory reset on the watch and paired it, again, to the Android phone. More apps now transferred o

Learn How to Hack Wi-Fi with Android Devices

..." Android hackers can also discover the passwords of devices connected to a Wi-Fi network using various apps."...